James Lawrence


ARH Homeopathy
Qigong and Traditional Healer
Shaolin Qigong and Taijiquan Instructor
Dip. Shamanic Studies and
Transpersonal Therapies

In 1998, my journey into medicine and therapies started on a Neal's Yard Foundation course for Natural Medicine that covered and array therapies that included; TCM, Homeopathy, Herbs, Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy. On visiting Australia in 1999 I met some elders from the central desert indigenous community and was invited to attend a life changing ceremony that led me to later continue an apprenticeship in their traditional Shamanic practices between 2004 & 2010 with Senior Ngangkari (Traditional Healer) Harry Giles. He later gave me permission to practice and use the Indigenous Ngangkari skills that he passed on.

During that period on my personal Shamanic Journey, I sat many Sweat Lodges attended Vision Quests, Talking Stick Ceremonies and Shamanic Journey retreats as part of my extended training, and in the process gained an array of knowledge and personal insight. I also carry the gift of Talking Stick Ceremony that I took to One World healing festival for seven years and I now hold the ceremony at irregular intervals in London.

In 2004 I started learning Shaolin Taijiquan & Qigong (Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung) Arts in London and over the years have continually visit Malaysia to attend courses run by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit to enhance and learn the deeper skills, philosophy and concepts of the Taijiquan & Qigong arts. In 2011 I was granted permission to practice as a Qigong therapist and in 2018 appointed as an Instructor of Shaolin Taijiquan & Qigong.

My Aims

As a therapist I am looking to connect with you to discuss the given issues and to talk through any underlying disturbances. I’m listening and looking to understand you and your needs and aim to provide you with relevant remedies to help you get through any current imbalances so that you can manage your life in a more beneficial way. Your case will be looked at in detail from the initial consultation that usually lasts between 90 to 120 minutes. I aim to guide and support you back to an acceptable and manageable state to be able to live life with more joy, awareness and appreciation.

It takes time and a commitment that you have to follow through progressively, this is your health that needs adjusting so taking on self-responsibility and having patience is important for you to get through the stages of unfoldment.

"There is much truth in the saying of the great mystic masters that, what our mind can believe, we can achieve" (excerpt taken from Wong Kiew Kitt's book Chi Kung for Health and Vitality).

Homeopathy for Mental Health, Physical Health & Emotional Health

Homeopathy is a Holistic Therapy that Complements your life and can also support ongoing medication. I often work in the field of Mental Health, especially as it’s a growing concern in peoples lives in these modern times.

Most people at some time have Mental imbalances at different periods of their lives and experience it in a manner of different ways.

Internal mental & emotion build up can be crippling or devastating, it can become an emotional roller coaster of highs, lows and confusion, leading to inner questions of instability, guilt, fear and uncertainty. When someone close is experiencing an ongoing mental imbalanced state it maybe you that needs the added support.

Homeopathy for All

Homeopathy can be used effectively by everyone as Homeopathic medicines promote the body’s natural ability to heal. When prescribed appropriately, they are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action.

You're welcome to call and have a friendly informal chat to discuss before any consultation.


You can contact James directly on 07896 533 193 or visit his web site Zen Earth Therapies or Email: james@ZenEarthTherapies.co.uk